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ITEM PRICE Shipping Fees
CES Microcurrent Stimulation    
CES Ultra - for anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, stress $347.00 added at time of purchase
Sota Instruments Products    
$275.00 added at time of purchase
$295.00 added at time of purchase
$425.00 added at time of purchase
$395.00 added at time of purchase
Magnetic Field Therapy    
Curatron - pulsed magnetic therapy system - Three Models $4385.00 and up $99.00 shipping U.S. & Canada
QRS - pulsed magnetic field therapy mat - email for low pricing! Email for pricing Free Global shipping
BCX Ultra PEMF Therapy Mat $985.00 $35.00 U.S. - $65.00 Canada
Sota Magnetic Pulser - MP-7 $425.00 added at time of purchase
Water - Ozonators    
Sota Instruments - WOZ-5 water ozonator $395.00  $20.00 U.S. and Canada $70.00 Int.
Water Energy Footbath For BCX Ultra Deluxe
Water Energy Foot Spa attachment for BCX Ultra Deluxe Rife $1,340.00 $35.00 U.S. - $65.00 Can. $215. Int.
MWO and Frequency Generators    
BCX Ultra Deluxe - Rife Frequency Generator with RF gas tubes $2,795.00 $35.00 U.S. - $65.00 Can. $215. Int.
Tesla Energy Lights - Noble Gas Frequency Generator $9,370.00 Free shipping in U.S. and Canada
F-SCAN 4 - frequency analyzer and energy balancer call for pricing Free Global shipping
F-SCAN 3NT - frequency analyzer and energy balancer call for pricing Free Global shipping
MWO - lakhovsky multiwave oscillator $5,995.00 $50.00 U.S. and Canada
Life Force 2000 - portable frequency generator $1,300.00 Free World-Wide shipping
Subtle Energy Instruments    
GNT Bio-Energizer - Electronic Chi Gong energy balancer $585.00 Free shipping in U.S. and Canada
Aura Balance Accumulator - subtle energy balancer $199.00 $10.00 U.S. and Canada
Pyro-Energen II - static energy wellness instrument $1,199.00 Free shipping U.S. and Canada 

Conscousness and Biofeedback

Harmonic Translation System - subtle energy balancer $6,800.00 Free shipping U.S. and Canada
SE-5 2000 - Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer, radionics call for pricing Free U.S. and Canada
Far-Infrared Therapy    
BCX Ultra Deluxe FIR Therapy Pad $995.00 $35.00 U.S. - $65.00 Canada
Far Infrared Sauna Dome - full body enclosure $1,800.00 $100.00 shipping. Lower 48 States
Note: Prices are subject to change without notice    

Accepted payment - Visa, M.C, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Money Orders, Check (U.S. only), International Money Order or Direct Bank Wire Deposit for larger purchases. No purchase orders or 30 day terms.  All items must be paid in full, in advance of shipping.

Please include a telephone number and Email when available in the event we need to contact you regarding your order.

Shipping and Handling Rates for multiple item orders:

In our effort to reduce the cost of shipping for multiple items in the U.S. and Internationally, we charge only the published rate according to destination, weight, insured value and package size according to UPS or the U.S. Postal Service.  In addition, we add the material cost of packaging with no extra charges for labor.   Due to the great variability of any given order & the changing of rates by carriers, we do not have a shipping rate chart.

International Orders - Phone (760) 363-5496 or E-mail

Please E-mail or Phone in your purchase selections.  If you require the total purchase amount in advance, please email your intended order to give us time to calculate the shipping amount.  The total price does not include any import duty or VAT, etc. Please note that there are some items that are not offered for overseas shipping due to the size, cost, weight, lack of servicing, warranty or other reasons.

U.S. Postal Service to Europe or Asia is the least expensive shipping method.  If your prefer Fed Ex or UPS, please indicate.

International Priority Mail ...average shipping time is 6 to 8 days to Europe or Asia.  No computerized package tracking for this service
International Express Mail .... average shipping time is 4 to 5 days to Europe or Asia - computerized tracking is included

Thank you for your purchase.  Transformation Technologies has been serving the alternative health community SINCE 1985.  We are constantly striving to improve and to add new and exciting products to our catalog.  If you have run across an interesting product that could fit in our catalog, we would appreciate hearing about it.

Thank You,

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