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BCX Ultra Rife Machine - Fscan3 - Gary Wade Ultra 10-A - QRS PEMF

Sota Products
Rife Machines
Sota Basic Wellness Kit - save $111.00 on complete kit
BCX Ultra - Rife frequency generator with options
Gary Wade's - Ultrasound 10-A frequency generator
Sota - Magnetic Pulser - MP6 F-SCAN - professional frequency scanner & analyzer
Sota Water Ozonator - Woz5
Life Force 2000 Tri-Phase -  frequency alignment device
  Lakhovsky MWO - with flat printed circuit style antenna
  Lakhovsky MWO - with original metal tube antennas
CES Ultra for Anxiety - Depression - Insomnia
Far Infrared Saunas and Mats
CES Ultra - stress, anxiety, depression, sleep problems BCX Ultra Far-Infrared Therapy Pad
Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy
Far Infrared Vita Mat - single and double size
Curatron - pulsed magnetic field therapy mat  
QRS - pulsed magnetic field therapy mat
Radionic Machines
Magnetic Pulser - by Sota Instruments  Harmonic Translation System - computerized healing
BCX Ultra PEMF Mat
Foot Spa
BCX Ultra - with Foot Spa Option  
Water Ozonators
Subtle Energy Instruments
  Perkl-Light - subtle energy alignment instrument
Sota Water Ozonator - Woz-5 GNT Bio-Energizer - electronic chi gong
  Pyro-energen II - electrostatic energy for health
  Aura Balance Accumulator - subtle energy balancing
Negative Ion & Ozone Air Purifier
  Lightning Air - Ionizer - Ozonator

Serving The Alternative Health and Wellness Community Since 1985

Since 1985, we have offered the best in alternative health therapy, vibrational energy technologies, and Sota products from Nobleton, FL, for peak performance, stress reduction, accelerated learning, expanded consciousness, and more. Among our selections are the BCX Ultra Rife Machine, the Fscan3, Gary Wade's Ultra 10-A, and the Sota Wellness Products. Check our products with their prices

Our goal is to offer our customers a wide range of life-enhancing products for personal change and wellness. While many of these devices have related benefits, each is unique in its special way. If you have difficulty in deciding which product is right for you, please call or send us an e-mail, and we will answer your questions as soon as possible. Each item listed above is linked to a separate page with complete information. In these uncertain times, many people are preparing for the health and security of their families. Many customers tell us they consider products like the Sota Protocol and Rife generators to be essential additions to their family emergency preparedness programs.

A Great Selection of Rife Machines and Infrared Therapy Lamps

You may also view all of our products at one glance in the thumbnail gallery, and link to the item page from there. Our website does not feature a shopping cart. Many of the items are custom made and special ordered and can take extra time for delivery. Be sure to visit our Health Resources section for valuable health and product information. Please note that we do not sell any of these supplements or formulas. This is for your information only.

A commitment to your Health through High Quality Alternative Health Products

Transformation Technologies is committed to offering the highest-quality products to help improve your health. With our selection of Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy, Infrared Heat Therapy, Rife Machines, and Sota Products from Nobleton, FL, you can be sure that you will be feeling better, living better, and enjoying a healthier life before you know it. Contact us at 877-287-0912 or 760-363-5496 to learn more about our alternative health therapy devices. Based in Nobleton, FL, we ship our products internationally.

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