Interviewed By Dee and Kenneth Burke 

Ed Skilling is a pioneer researcher and inventor in electro-therapy. His life work has been dedicated to healing the human body. He worked in Aerospace engineering from 1950 to 1983 before establishing his own company, E.F. Skilling, Inc. He continued building electronic devices for electro-therapy, as a designer, including pulse and neuromuscle stimulators, the SuperPro, the Photon Sound Beam and the Sound Magi. The U.S. Psychotronics Foundation awarded him the "Man of the Year" award for his Sweep Resonator. 

1998 Interview of Inventor - Ed Skilling - by Leading Edge Newspaper


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LE: Ed, tell us about yourself.

Ed: In 1983, I started my own company called E.F. Skilling, Inc. I began to build electronic devices for electro-therapy. I got interested in gas tube technology, which was using inert gases in glass tubes which are applied to the body through the surface of the skin. The use of gas tube technology began in the 1920's and at that time the tubes were used in beauty salons. The device was hand-held and used high voltage to create skin and scalp stimulation. In the handle was a Tesla coil which ionized the plasma gas in the little tubes, giving you little sparks that would penetrate the glass and impinge upon the skin. Each of these tiny sparks produced radio frequency energy and provided relief from pain as well as elimination of lumps caused by clogged lymph ducts; it also got rid of warts, pimples and other skin problems.

This device in the early days increased blood supply and oxidation and local nutrition as soon as you touched one of these violet rays. The same is true today with what we call the Photon Sound Beam. The blood is immediately oxidated and you can see this in dark field microscopes. The whole idea is to get as much oxygen in the blood as possible, and it does increase blood circulation. We built our first one in 1984.

LE: Okay.

Ed: I built an electron tube instrument that was solid state that we could put into production. I did all the design work, but I didn't do any of the business end of it. I brought my children into the business. This unit operated in the audio frequency of about 600 hertz which were all audible. The unit was very popular and I gave the company to my children in 1988. I moved to Arizona so I could continue my research, which has always been my true interest.

LE: Okay.

Ed: I've been working more and more with inert glass tubes and I don't know if you are familiar with James Bear, from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

LE: No.

Ed: He is a chiropractor who works with the Photon Sound Beam. The difference between this and the original beam tube is that in the beam tube the gasses are ionized with radio frequencies rather than by voltage. James Bear replicated the work and then published it in Borderline Science. My company that I gave my kids was shut down by the FDA in October, 1989. They didn't file charges but came in with a court ordered search warrant and confiscated the equipment and locked the bank accounts. There is no law against designing equipment , and the invention earned over half a million dollars for my children even after they were shut down. They had licensed the product to a company in New York called Life Energy Resource which sold a million dollars a month of the SuperPro.

The last product I put out was the Photon Sound Beam and I'm working on a device which was replicated by James Bear, which was the original beam tube. It was powered by radio frequency, and if your have ever read the book Fifty Years of Suppression, on cancer cures, it told about this information. John Crane lived with Rife for the last eleven or twelve years of his life and he never did anything with the technology. I decided to bring it out, which I did in 1987. Unfortunately, if you put anything down on paper it is deemed a medical device and is governed by the FDA. If you don't say anything, you have no problem, but the moment you say your machine does anything, like kill a virus or kill bacteria, it becomes a medical device and is governed by the FDA and must be sold by prescription. So, I don't claim anything for my technology.

LE: That sounds wise.

Ed: I'm testing a beam tube in California and we are using a combination of gasses like Argon, Xenon, and Krypton. My earlier experimental work with gas tubes was with pure Argon. Argon has a soothing effect on the psyche and is very compatible with the human body.

LE: What do the noble gases do on a cellular level in the body?

Ed: The summary effect of inert gases increased the blood supply to certain areas and increases oxygenation and nutrition. They increase the intake of oxygen and the output of carbon dioxide, as well as increasing secretions that produce the elimination of waste products. Active ozone is carried directly to the tissues.

LE: How do you protect yourself from the FDA these days?

Ed: I am a designer, an inventor in the field of electro-therapy. I don't sell the equipment directly. And we don't say that the equipment is based on the work of people such as Dr. Albert Abrams, Dr. Royal Rife and others who have used electrotherapy for humans and animals.

LE: If medical doctors have this equipment, can they use it?

Ed: No, because everything a medical doctor uses must be approved by the FDA, and they never approve anything electrical.

LE: Not even on an experimental basis?

Ed: You can call it experimental but you can't charge for it and you can't make any claims for it. However, a non-medical person can use it...a chiropractor, a massage therapist, any type of naturopathic physician can. MD's are limited to their use os equipment, which as to be approved by the FDA.

LE: So, a non-medical person can use the equipment, as long as no claims are made for it?

Ed: They can use it as a part of a massage therapy. Chiropractors have neuromuscle stimulators and they do not have to have FDA approval. They just make no claims as with any massage tool.

LE: As a massage tool, what does the Photon Sound Beam do?

Ed: It accelerates the lymph movement in the lymph ducts without your having to have a lymph massage. Let me say that, for the sake of simplicity.

LE: Do you have any final comments?

Ed: The cells produce energy needed to kill whatever is a problem. It's not the chemical that does this; it is the electrical energy that the chemical produces. That is the big difference between the pharmaceutical companies and the people who invented electro-energy for the body. There is a big fight because the equipment of the future will not be chemical. It will be electrical. My life's dedication is to find the ultimate piece of equipment that will do this for every problem in the body instantaneously.

LE: What are some of the things that you've been working on since the photon sound beam? Perhaps you would address the MAGI instrument?

Ed: Well, the Sound Magi is in a very small package which you can also plug into the cigarette lighter socket of an automobile and take it with you. It can also be plugged into a wall socket at home with an electrical cord. You can use it both ways.

LE: Okay.

Ed: This is an interesting instrument. When we raised the frequency to the very high frequency spectrum of this particular instrument, which we've had for some time, now, we began to notice that pain would be relieved in just minutes - sometimes, only two to three minutes. So, we thought that a lot of people get tired when they drive their automobiles, and we gave one to a friend, who drives a lot around the city, and she says that it's been a blessing, because she doesn't have the discomfort she used to have. She just puts it behind her back or on her shoulders, and she can drive all day long without any discomfort. Bill Coombs and Dan Junker, a
salesperson, were recently driving from Loveland, Colorado, to Florida in 30 hours. They used the machine all the way and it not only
kept them from getting tense in their shoulders and back, but they also had so much stimulation that they were able to continue driving.

LE: The "Magi" is the same instrument that's on the Photon Sound- Beam instrument, right?

Ed: Yes. It's part of the Photon Sound Beam instrumentation. It plugs into the back of the box that also holds the two Noble gas tubes.

LE: For those readers who might not have read the previous interview, why don't you give a thumbnail sketch of the Photon Sound Beam instrument.

Ed: Well, the Sound Magi, which is a technology that I developed while I was in New Zealand in 1990, was originally called a Sound Probe. It was a short-wave frequency, but it was in the lower range of the short-wave band. It would get rid of pain, but it would take a longer time.

LE: Okay.

Ed: So, when this was developed in New Zealand, it was found to help very rapidly with infections of all types. It does this by means of using the Lakhovsky theories, which state that the body is an electrical device --- long before Dr. Robert O. Becker wrote his books The Body Electric and Cross Currents. In the 1920s and 1930s, Georges Lakhovsky, a French scientist, came to America and brought some equipment. He researched this and found that every cell of the body is like a little electrical generator. When there is a problem in any part of the body, cells in that area get out of balance. In other words, they stop producing electrical energy in the normal manner. When these different frequencies we discovered are put into them, the electrical balance of the body is immediately restored, then, allows the immune system to come back full force. The immune system of the body is what does the so- called healing and getting rid of the problem. So, these machines are not cancer machines nor are they medical devices. They are electronic instruments that actually rebalance the bodies electrical system so that the body is able to heal itself.

LE: Okay. Can you talk about the Noble gas tubes that come along with the Photon Sound Beam?

Ed: The gas tubes were developed to move fluids in the body, meaning blood, to increase blood circulation, and lymphatic fluid, urine and intestinal feces, increasing the flow of fluids wherever the instrument is placed. One of the problems, of course, when you become ill, is that you create toxins in the body. The bacteria and viruses in the body create toxins in the body, and these toxins make you feel very ill and uncomfortable. So, these gas tubes help move this fluid when it is blocked through the lymph nodes and the normal lymphatic system. They break the blocks immediately. Any fluid in the body will be moved by this particular instrument.

LE: We understand that it also oxygenates the blood, as well?

Ed: At the same time your body absorbs oxygen, it produces some ozone, which is absorbed in the skin. We have had many tests run with dark-field microscopes which indicate that, within seconds after these tubes have been placed on the body, it's found that the blood has been oxygenated. This shows right on the dark-field microscopes.

LE: What kind of research information can you mention? We realize that the nature of talking about health is such that you cannot make any claims, but I guess people can report their own personal testimonials and choose to share that information. Can we share acouple of peoples' testimonials that they have shared with you about this particular instrument?

Ed: Well, people have claimed to eliminate large lumps that have been created by blockages in the lymph nodes - even lumps as large as a ping-pong ball - in as little as 15 minutes. That also includes lumps that have appeared in the breasts which are nothing more than clogged lymph nodes. In countless cases, people have reported elimination of lumps in a very short time. Then, when we combined the sound probe, now called the "Magi," with the photon sound beam, and added some new frequencies into the system, we enhanced the movement of fluids even faster.

For me this technology goes back to 1990.  But, actually, the scientist, who discovered this, was George Lakhovsky He came to America with the instrument called the "multi-wave oscillator," which was really one of the first types of radios. Nicola Tesla actually discovered radio before Marconi. The first radios were Tesla coils that produced tremendous radio frequency signals, which were used for Morse Code at the turn of the century before electron tubes were developed. These instruments were called "spark-gap transmitters," which were able to communicate by Morse Code from ships at sea. That's where the first radio communication began. Of course, when electron tubes were discovered, communication was much simpler, because all the noise created by this Tesla coil was not present.

LE: What other instruments are now available for the public through this technology?

Ed: Of course. We're upgrading and updating as we discover new and better methods. We continue to upgrade all of our instruments. We now have available an instrument that gets rid of wrinkles. We introduced this at the Florida Global Sciences Congress.  This is the second edition of this particular instrument, which is called "New Face," which is usable like an electric razor. You always move it upwards on your face from your chin towards your eyes. As you do this, wrinkles disappear. Now, it takes about 15 minutes every day for about 10 days. Then, the system locks. Now, if you stop after one or two days, the wrinkles might appear again. What the instrument does is strengthen the muscles and the skin itself.

LE: On what technology is this based?

SKILLING: It's electrical. There's a very low-frequency pulse at a power of micro-Amperes, because the skin is very sensitive, we use very little energy. You would barely feel anything - perhaps a little tingling sensation - but you wouldn't feel any electrical shock type of thing.

LE: So, it strengthens the facial muscles, and, as a result, the wrinkles go away?

Skilling: As an example, if you press down on your face and pull down, you'll see the wrinkles disappear. Your facial muscles and skin are strengthened.

LE: Well, we've gotten some great information. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Skilling: Well, my whole dedication is to find new and better ways to apply instruments to the body to make change for the planet. Basically, that's my dedication. I just continue to work every day and have new ideas. Not all of them ever get to the market place. We can produced ideas faster than we can manufacture. I don't personally manufacture anything for sale. All my work goes to people who are working in the health fields, and other people manufacture it.

LE: Thank you

The following interview is with Dora Lofstrom

Researcher and Practitioner who uses Skilling's Instruments

LE: Tell us about you and your work and then talk about the Ed Skilling instruments with which you have done research, if you will.

Dora: I want it to be clear that I do not sell these instruments. I do research only.

LE: Okay..

Dora: Basically, what I do I call "ethercological assessments" or "spiritual assessments." It's an approach based upon the Einstein concept of matter as energy, and of human beings being a series of complex energy fields which are our astral, mental, and causal bodies. These multidimensional frequencies provide an abnormal structuring of the etheric template of a particular organ, gland, cell or tissue. Both the physical and multidimensional anatomies can be assessed through this. The future organic dysfunction, or growth and repair of the cell are communicated through these frequencies. The body talks in Morse Code through its frequencies. Ed Skilling's instruments affect the body's electrical frequencies both from the physical and also the multidimensional.

LE: Can you share some research information regarding Mr. Skilling's Photon Sound Beam?

Dora: Well, the research came about when Ed Skilling, whom I consider a master pioneer in electrical and other technologies, enhanced it until he had an instrument that actually enables individuals to help their bodies heal themselves. That's basically what the Photon Sound Beam does. We never say it heals anything, because it doesn't. What it does is it provides the body with particular frequencies.  The way the Photon Sound Beam works, is that it provides an array of frequencies and it allows the body to pick the frequencies that it needs. The cells in the heart resonate with the heart frequency, and the liver is going to resonate with the liver frequencies. There is an array of frequencies. The body, in its innate wisdom chooses what it wants. Also, these instruments are not just physical.  There is an esoteric mystery to them that perhaps we won't ever be able to explain from our way of thinking, with our 3rd dimensional brains.

LE: Well, I recall talking one day with Ed Skilling about the Photon Sound Beam and about the Nobel gas tubes and he said that, really,the bottom line --- in his opinion, was that they create magic. There is not really any scientific way to totally analyze everything that  theseNoble gas tubes do and how they do it!

Dora: Right. We can't. And you know, I think the same thing happened when Kinesiology was discovered. Kinesiology works very well. You are tapping into the innate wisdom of the physical body. I don't think, however, that Kinesiology goes beyond this. The scientists in the academic field said, "Prove" it to us. Prove that Kinesiology works." And by proving, we kind of kept it within a boundary, and did not let the science to go any further. We kept it in our 3rd dimensional brain. LE: Okay. Dora: The photon, (as in Photon Sound Beam) is a high-energy cosmic ray. It's a quantum of electromagnetic energy, or light. It's the birth of matter from energy. So photon energy influences a geometric pattern and the organization of the cells in living systems through light frequency.

LE: Yes, okay,. Now, one thing that Ed Skilling talks about, in person and on videos, is that the body heals itself, not the technology. Basically, this technology that he has worked with since the 1950's and maybe before that, is like food for the body. In a research situation, if you use the terms "spontaneous remission," where the body heals itself, are there a few areas, without naming people's names, that you would feel comfortable talking about, where you have observed over the years where people have benefited from thePhoton Sound Beam?

Dora: Well, in the research that I have done in the past, I've had numerous cases where people saw a positive effect and it's probably due to the fact that you are moving the lymph fluids. Also, there is an electromagnetic pathway that provides an energetic circuit. And these pathways also provide for the higher spiritual energies, called life force, or another word for it is "consciousness." In research there was a 12 year old girl whose condition was a mental disorder, schizophrenia. Her symptoms were withdrawal from day-to-day activities; her speech was vague, and she was unable to follow simple conversations. She had hallucinations, disconnected remarks, blank looks, and appeared devoid of feelings. Well, by using Ed Skilling's Photon Sound Beam 20 to 35 minutes, 5 days a week, in a research situation, the child began to have improvements, such as keeping her room clean without being told to do so. The documentation shows that on the onset of the 3rd treatment, the parents reported that the child's behavior appeared to be more normal. There was an improved attention span. By the 10th treatment she could follow simple conversation. Her extreme mental stress and acute attack of paranoia had become a thing of the past. There was an adjustment of the inner related hormones, and chemicals were somehow produced in the hypothymus, which rebalanced and returned her menstrual cycle. Even though I couldn't prove this, we could see it in the results.

LE: That is really amazing. That is quite a story.

Dora: Then, in a research situation, there was a patient, a male, age 37, whose condition was mental stress, fungal infections, pain on the right side of the head and acute candida. Now, these are the things he came in with. I did not diagnose him.

LE: I understand.

Dora: The research time spent on this person was 30 minutes, 5 days weekly. We were able to do 21 research time periods with him. The pain in his head was relieved to the young man's surprise in less than 8 minutes the first time. The fungal infection appeared to be stimulated into clearing and drying up and there appeared to be an inner response of the immune system. Now, the inner response of the immune system I could pick up because that's where my "ethercological spiritual assessment" comes in. I can work with the individual client and assess those frequencies because the body talks in a Morse Code which I understand. There was new tissue around the infection which began to dry and clear. That happened in a matter of days. And, the body's reaction to the stimulation of the equipment appeared to again enhance the immune system, because there was an excessive release of mucus. When the body creates excessive mucus, it's making it to capture the bacteria in the passages, and we have to work to get them out. When you see this excessive release of mucus, that means that everything that was trapped there in the lungs, from years of taking something for your colds, starts to come out.

LE: I would guess that many people don't know that.

Dora: No. You know, these people go to their jobs -- and basically if you don't feel good, you should really stay home, and not take your germs and give them to someone else. The person that is healthy is not going to catch it. But if their immune system is in any way depressed, then it is easy for them to possibly attract things to them. A lot of people say, "Let me take something so I don't have these symptoms." And they still have the symptoms; they're just not as noticeable.

LE: As long as my wife and I actually use the Photon Sound Beam every day, which we usually do, although living life sometimes intercedes, it seems that w e stay pretty healthy and don't pick up on things that other people have. And then when something does happen, if we have not used the technology for a few days, we just go back to it and things seem to clear up.

Dora: You are perfectly right. The drawback to these instruments is not found in the equipment at all, but in the duration of time that most individuals are willing to spend on themselves. And, once the fear of their condition has ceased, or when a significant improvement has been mistaken for a restored wellness, then what I find is a discontinuity to be the most common factor in failure to achieve maximum results with these instruments. And, so we have a toy, and we are happy with it, and we use it, and after a while we feel better and we put it away. And I feel that if everyone had this technology in their home that they would really be active and be responsible in keeping their body balanced. You know we all have to go to the doctor sooner or later, if we are in an accident or an emergency situation. But, basically, to keep our bodies healthy really depends on us. We make commitments, as adults, to take on a home mortgage that we are going to pay in 30 years. And we make other kinds of similar commitments. But, when it comes to our health, we don't. Many of us don't make these commitments. And then there are some people who feel," Okay. I have one of these instruments and it will take care of me." No. It won't do that. You need to eat wholesome food, because you have to nourish the body.

Yes, the body can resonate to the particular frequencies, but why were you in trouble to begin with? If we eat processed foods, we have excessive sugar and fats. We basically don't know how to eat anymore. And then, on top of that, you have the emotional part of your health and how we think effects us. You can go to the doctor and say, "Gee, I hope I don't have cancer." And then you get the doctor's diagnosis, and what happens to you? It knocks the wind right out of your sails. Basically when we become ill, according to my research, the bottom line is that we have a dysfunction of the immune system; and the second most important thing is that we possibly have stagnated lymph.

Fortunately, the Photon Sound Beam moves the lymph system. There are wonderful results with massage therapists using the Photon Sound Beam. The lymph system is responsible for bringing in the nutrition, and taking out the garbage. So, if you can move the lymph, you are helping to detox your body and you are helping to move these toxins out. This is research data. Legally, we can't recommend anything to anybody. That is our legal system as it exists in our nation. Whatever your opinion may be about this is fine. You are welcome to write to your Congressman if you have a different opinion.

LE: What are some additional things that either other researchers have done or people in their personal research, or yourself haveworked with, using the Photon Sound Beam, that has allowed the body to help itself in certain areas, in a research situation, of course?

Dora: Well, in the research that has been done, there have been conditions assisted, in a spontaneous remission manner, such as alcoholism and chronic back pain. There was a female, age 54, with systemic lupus, and adding to that, encompassed inflamed and damaged connective tissue in many parts of her body. She had joint and muscle pain, and inflammation of the blood vessels and membranes surrounding the lungs and the heart. She also had chronic fatigue, persistent fever, and chronic candida. This person had 20 years of long-term use of steroids, with adverse side effects, including cirrhosis of the liver, inability to urinate, and constipation. The prognosis for this person was a liver transplant. I think her doctor was very happy with her when he later did a full diagnosis on her, and found that her liver was behaving like a normal liver. There had somehow been a "spontaneous remission" of his earlier diagnosis. No further comment here.

LE: Anything else you'd like to add?

Dora: Yes. People need to keep themselves balanced nutritionally, whatever that means. This is true with any of these instruments. You must take responsibility for your nutrition and whatever else your body needs for your own health. If that means going to your doctor or other health professionals for advice, then you have to take on this responsibility and not rely solely on any instrument to take care of you. Remember, our body speaks to us in symptoms and wants us to listen. How we listen and what we do is solely up to us.



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