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The new BCX Ultra replaces the BCX 211 & 411 with greatly improved BCX technology at the same price as the older version.The BCX has been totally upgraded and improved making the BCX Ultra the most advanced Instrument in its field. The BCX Ultra now has more power and greater harmonic resonance and includes all the same accessories. The new control interface offers a wealth of information, including built-in operating instructions that are viewable on the LCD screen. BCX Ultra comes with a 60 Day Money Back guarantee and a one year warranty for parts and labor. Features include the ability to modulate a healing frequency over a carrier frequency. This output can then be pulsed (gated) for more effective penetration.



Download and Print Complete BCX Specifications - of main unit and all accessories and optional equipment

BCX Specs Pdf

The complete BCX specifications Pdf file is 11 pages. This covers the specs for the main unit, the raytubes, all optional free-standing remote double bubble tubes, vortex tube, footbath, Led wands and more. The information on this page just covers the basics.

Control Unit

* Dimensions: 11.0" x 8.0" x 3.0", 2.5 lbs
* Power supply: Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.2A. Output: 24VDC @ 2.0A. 5.5" x 2.5" x 1.5", 1 lb plus cords


* Input: 1- jack for Power Input (DC power plug, 2.5mm, center positive)
* Input/Output: jack for computer (USB Type B)
* Outputs: 5- jacks for footplate electrodes, two glass ray tubes, LED Wand
* Eight - push buttons for - Power On/Off, Start/Pause, Stop, Change +, OK/, Change -, Back/<, Next/>
* Indicators: 5-Green Led 16 character alpha-numeric display, Led indicators for Ray Tubes, electrodes, Led wand


2 pair Electrodes
1 pair Raytubes
1 Led Wand
1 Auxiliary

Simultaneous Outputs
- any single output or a combination of metal hand-held electrodes - plus - Raytubes, Led Wand or Auxiliary. The power output of the BCX only allow for using a single Led Wand at a time.

Electrode Output Options: select from numerous combinations

* Hand-held metal cylinder electrodes
* Footplate electrodes only
* Raytubes only (ionized noble gas tubes)
* LED Wand only (this is an optional accessory)
* Auxiliary only - can be used for the footbath attachment
* Electrodes & Raytubes simultaneously
* Electrodes & LED Wand simultaneously
* Electrodes & Auxiliary simultaneously


* Electrodes are “differential”. Each operates at a different polarity than the other, and
they change polarities with frequency - when one is + the other is -. All 3 waveforms can
be applied to the metal electrodes

* Raytubes also have polarity, but the Carrier is fixed at 44,660 Hz. Any Carrier frequencies
entered in the Ultra when using Raytubes only apply to metal electrodes (hand held or foot plates)

* LED Wand has no polarity and all 3 waveforms can be applied to it

Computer Functions

* View built in Instructions on LCD display screen
* Run a Pre-program - scroll or select a built-in program name or number. Both are displayed on screen
* Run a user defined program - scroll or select your custom program by name or number
* Create - Edit - Save - Run - a User program
* View a program
* Copy a built-in program to another personal user program location
* Erase a user program

Computer Control Capabilities

* Factory Preset programs -1236 presets for many common applications
* User programs - programming space for 255 custom programs consisting of waveforms, frequencies & times
* Output frequencies using manual programming - 1. Single - run a single frequency or 2. Dual - run a carrier frequency - for example, 1.25 MHz. carrier plus a second frequency that is the modulation or therapy frequency
* Sequence frequencies per pre-program or user program - 80 single frequency, or 40 dual frequencies
* Complete operating instructions can be scrolled in unit display window

Variables for each Program (User changeable for User programs)

* Numbering a Program - use up to four digits
* Naming a Program - use up to eight alpha-numeric characters



Three independent direct frequencies 1 to 4,000.000 Hz.
Five equal amplitude frequencies of 1 to 100,000 Hz.
Multitude of frequencies with custom complex waveforms


1236 Internal non-volatile - these are user-renameable preset programs. Select the program number and run it
255 user non-volatile (completely configurable including name)

Program Control Options
- Run, View, Create, Edit, Copy, Erase

Intensity Controls
- 1 to 100% - raytubes and electrodes can be independently controlled

Program Variables

Name - Use Defaults - Output - Run Time - Duty Cycle - Gate Waveform - Gate Frequency - Electrode Intensity - Raytube Intensity - Soft Start - Auto Shutoff - Use Carrier - Carrier Waveform - Carrier Frequency - Frequency Waveform - Frequency - Add Frequencies - Save Program - Run Program

Changeable Program Defaults
- changing the defaults will not permanently erase them

Show Instructions - Power On Application - Sequence Program - Use Defaults - Output Device - Run Time - Duty Cycle - Gate Waveform - Gate Frequency - Electrode Intensity - Radiator Intensity (glass tubes) - Soft Start - Auto Shutoff - Use Carrier - Same/Different Carrier - Carrier Waveform - Frequency Waveform - Frequency - Add Frequencies - Save Program - Run Program

Other Settings

Built-in Instructions - Soft Start - Automatic Shutoff - Program without Run - Run without Store


80 sequences per program - single direct
40 sequences per program if mixed or carrier direct

Chain - chain up to 100 prgrams. Repeat programs for unlimited program run time

Run Time - 1 to 120 minutes per program - up to 8.3 days and indefinite time with Chain/Pause/Resume

Waveform Types

Squarewave - Sinewave - Square Sweep (select a starting and ending frequency) - Trapezoid - Triangle - Hoyland - Linear Ramp Up - Linear Ramp Down - Exponential Ramp Up - Exponential Ramp Down - Equal Odd Order Harmonics - Equal Even Order Harmonics - Custom 1 - Custom 2 - Custom 3

Duty Cycle - adjustable in single digit increments from 1 to 100%. The default duty cycle for the BCX Ultra is set at 90%. Many popular electronic devices such as various 'Zappers" use a duty cycle of 50%. The duty cycle represents the actual time duration or - ON - time for the flowing electrical energy within a pulse cycle. It is believed that a higher duty cycle is beneficial as it delivers more of the actual frequency information to the body during a set period of time. There are other points of view that feel a lower duty cycle is preferred in order to enable the nervous system to integrate the frequency information. This is why we provide a user-adjustable range so you can decide what is appropriate for various circumstances.

Gating Frequency - this is a method of pulsing the entire frequency and wave form output on and off at a rate of 56.2 Hertz. To better understand this, let us say you are running a manual frequency of 1028 Hz. with a squarwave output. In order to improve the frequency penetration and adaptation response, this frequency output package is again "chopped up" into output segments at a rate of 56.2 Hz. You are still getting your desired frequency. It is just being bundled up and pulsed out at this other rate. Gating or pulsing the frequency bundles was deemed important by Rife.

Glass Tubes Frequency Range - 1 to 100,000 Hz. modulation frequency (plus the frequency harmonics) Note: the carrier frequency for the glass tube applicators is preset at 44,660 Hz. but can be manually adjusted from 1 Hz. to 100,000 Hz. When using manual entries, any adjustment to the carrier frequency over 100,000 Hz. will apply only to hand held electrodes or footplates. Glass tubes also have alternating polarity. When one tube is positive the other is negative, switching back and forth.

Metal Cylinder Electrodes Primary Frequency Range - 1 to 4 million Hz. (4 MHz.) Manually adjustable. The upper range of 4 million Hertz can only be accessed by selecting the square wave form on wave form choices
* Metal Cylinder Carrier Waves - from 100,000 Hz. to 4 million Hz. adjustable in 100 Hz. increments
* Resolution - 1 to 9.9999 (0.0001 Hz) - 10 to 99.999 (0.001 Hz)
* 100 to 999.99 (0.01 Hz) - 1,000 to 9,999.9 Hz- (0.1 Hz)
* Electrode Intensity - 1 to 100%
* Raytube Intensity - 1 to 100%
* LED Wand Intensity - 1 to 100%
* Auxiliary Intensity - 1 to 100%
* Run Time - 1 to 120 minutes
* Soft Start/Stop - Yes or No
* Automatic Shutoff - Yes or No

Explanation of BCX Ultra Waveforms, Frequencies and Harmonics Four Page Pdf.

Frequencies - Single (Frequency A only) or Dual (Frequency A & B simultaneously)

Frequency A
- select your therapy frequency rate, plus the wave form choice: Select from 15 wave form types

Frequency Range - for the hand-held metal electrodes or footplates
- 1 Hz. up to 4 million Hertz (the upper frequency range up to 4 million Hertz can only be accessed by selecting the square wave output.
Resolution - (accuracy) 1 to 9.99999 Hz. ( accuracy to 0.00001 Hz) - 10 to 99.9999 Hz. (accuracy to 0.0001 Hz) - 100 to 999.999 (0.001 Hz) 1,000 to 9,999.99 Hz (accuracy to 0.01 Hz) - 10,000 to 99,999.9 Hz (accuracy to 0.1 Hz )

Frequency B - Carrier Frequency Range
- 1 to 4 million Hz. if using a Square Wave or Square Sweep. You can also select default carrier frequencies of - 1.00 MHz, 1.25 MHz, and 1.67 MHz when using a square wave output wave form. When using wave forms other than the square wave, the carrier frequency is limited to 100,000 Hertz.

Glass Tubes Electrodes Frequency Range
-1 to 100,000 Hz.
Resolution: 1 to 9.99999 ( 0.00001 Hz) - 10 to 99.9999 (0.0001 Hz) - 100 to 999.999 (0.001 Hz)
*1,000 to 9,999.99 Hz (0.01 Hz) - 10,000 to 99,999.9 Hz (0.1 Hz)

Keep in mind that all repeating wave forms other than pure sine waves, are actually made up of sinusoidal wave forms of different frequencies and amplitudes.

Standard BCX Package

* BCX Ultra control unit
* Two Noble Gas glass electrodes - containing argon, krypton, xenon & neon

* Metal footplate electrodes
* Metal hand held cylinder electrodes
* Pre-gelled body contact electrodes (1 pair)
* DVD Instruction disk
* Shipping weight for standard package is 11 pounds

Optional Accessories to Customize your BCX Ultra

Red, Green or Blue Led Applicator Wands - for localized stimulation are available for - $90.00 each
High Power Red, Green or Blue Led Applicator
- $262.00 each
Extra Strength, thicker Glass Probes
- can be shipped with original BCX purchase for an additional $45.00 a pair
Replacement Glass Tubes
- $75.00 each for standard thickness glass or $97.50 each for heavy duty glass

Free Standing Electrode Beam Tubes
- for hands free therapy

Vortex - Coil Electrode - free standing to sit on a table or bed side. Allows for insertion of hand into the glass coil - $1,195.00

Double Bubble Beam Tube
- BT-EFG - Cost: $2,995.00
Operating Frequency Range
- 1Hz. to 666 Hz.
Wave Form
- square wave only
Energy Output type
- Efield (electric field output - this type of output produces deeper penetration than the RF. Also, the component costs are much higher than those involved in fabricating an RF Tube. Therefore, the higher price.
Power Levels
- fixed at 83 watts @ 666 Hz.

Double Bubble Beam Tube
- BT-PCM High Frequency Version - Cost: $2,665.00
Operating Frequency Range - adjustable pulse from 1 Hz. up to 4 mHz.

Wave Form
- operates with square wave only
Energy Output type
- RF (radio frequency)
Power Levels
- variable intensity adjustments

Footbath Underwater Array
- Cost: $1,295.00
we now offer an optional underwater footbath. The electrode material is stainless steel for long-lasting use with minimum corrosion. The important feature about this footbath is the ability to run programmed Rife Frequencies through the array. Regular footbath machines only run a weak direct voltage into the array