Aura Balance Accumulator


NOTE: The Aura Balance Accumulator is Made in Switzerland. When you receive your item, all printing will be written in German.   The A-B-A is scientifically imprinted with frequencies and does not rely on radionics or psychotronics principles.  Understanding of the German language is not necessary for the operation of this tool.

Reverse side of plate
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Price - $199.00

$149.00 ea. with two unit min. order

How the Aura Balance Accumulator Works


The Aura Balance Accumulator is like owning your own Vibrational Medicine cabinet.......Under Your Bed!  Simply place the plate under your bed, within 1 meter of your body and let it go to work.  Using a special technology, a variety of bio-energy health information has been sub-atomically and permanently imprinted onto the aura accumulator.  This information can be processed by the inner intelligence of the body (the aura, chakras, subtle body, etc.) and works like a computerized repair program to gently stimulate the body's own innate healing powers.

The body's intelligence extracts only the information it needs to restore energetic order, balance and healing in your body.  In this way, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues can be positively influenced.  You can expect to notice positive results beginning from 2 to 14 days.  In some people, symptoms may initially worsen.  This is perfectly normal and only indicates that your body's operational control system is reorganzing itself according to healthier vibrational energy patterns.  Natural healing methods often take longer to produce results than chemical medicines, herbs or vitamin therapies.

The Aura Balance Accumulator works on the vibrational level of your body.  The Accumulator does not emit any substances or chemicals into the body and can be safely used with other therapies, medicines, herbs, or medical treatments.

The special healing information programmed onto the Aura Balance Accumulator is permanent.  It will not weaken or wear out, even after years of use.  Every member of your household should have the benefit of an A-B-A under their own bed.  You can also take it with you when traveling, on vacations, or during long commuter driving to and from the office.  The A-B-A is made of envirnonmentally friendly materials and cleans easily.  Size: approximately 8x12x1/4 in.

Swiss scientist and bioenergeticist André E. Oefeli built special apparatus for the prupose of programming the Aura Balance Accumulator. This process is able to superimpose bio-energetic information electromagnetically onto substances or carrier fluids, by means of a computer aided procedure and with the help of high voltage Tesla coils. 



Before Aura Balance Accumulator After 3 minutes using Aura Balance Accumulator



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Ordering Aura Balance Acumulator

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