Perkl-Light is a subtle energy balancing and re-alignment tool that feeds your body's bioenergy field with a frequency information waveform that is similar in nature to the innate life force energy known around the world by various names, such as chi, ki, prana or vital life force. The energy patterns broadcast by the Perkl-Light are most readily available within a distance of 12 feet from the device. There is no need to directly touch the Perkl-Light for it to work. Additionally, the energy may be directed, to a certain degree, by the intention of the operator, for example, for the purpose of sharing the effects over a distance. As current physics has demonstrated, time and space are not barriers to the transmission of intrinsic data fields. Most subtle energy workers are very familiar with the added power of directed thought, intention and mental visualization of healing energies, which all apply to the energies generated by the Perkl-Light. In most cases, best results are seen when the Perkl-Light is used on an individual basis, rather than in a large group setting.

The Perkl-Light consists of a small electronic base unit that generates the frequencies and waveforms which are then broadcast into the environment with the help of a transparent oval shaped light emitter panel. At first glance, one might consider the Perkl-Light as just a high-tech color therapy instrument due to the particular coloration of the emitter panel in its operating state. While the Perkl-Light is capable of generating over 16,000 color combinations, these colors are incidental to the primary energy signature involved in this technology and are not the main reason behind its beneficial effects.

Using the Perkl-Light

Perkl-Light has numerous pre-installed main program modes and a manual mode. All of the preset program modes are made up of several named sub-modes. One can easily scan through an entire main program mode, along with its sub-modes by selecting the "Auto" setting on the dial. Or, one may wish to select just one of the sub-modes to concentrate on raising a particular expression of Chi energy (for example, a particular chakra or acupuncture meridian). In Manual mode, one can adjust the three primary color dials (Red, Green and Blue) in order to "tune in" just the right frequency pattern to support your intentions. At first thought, this might seem challenging. However, there are any number of techniques one can use for this tuning process, including muscle testing, dowsing, pendulums, using one's intuition or the very helpful "Blink Technique" that is explained in the easy to follow instruction material. The instruction sheets also include a long list of Experimental settings that you can try out in the Manual mode. These are dial combinations that other users have found to be helpful for addressing various physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Feel free to explore these suggested settings, or discover your own and add to the growing list.

Perkl-Light requires only minutes a day to support a vital and energetic Body, Mind and Spirit!

Who benefits from using a Perkl-Light

Perkl-Light is the indispensable energy balancing tool that is easy to use for people of all ages, education or training. Safe and easy to use at home or while traveling, in the RV or Hotel Room.

Professional Energy Workers will Love the Perkl-Light

Body Workers, Healers, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Physical Therapists, Reiki practitioners, Counselors and Therapists. Perkl-Light works quietly in the background and will support your own special healing abilities.

Interesting things to do with your Perkl-Light


* Transfer Vitalizing Energy to Bottled Water - for use throughout the day. Therapists can give this to clients for a boost in between office visits. A few drops under the tongue may be all you need!

* Clear Personal Items - of negative, unclear energy patterns - rings, jewelry, quartz crystals, watches, etc. It's true, that all material items take on the energy patterns of their owners. These energies may need clearing! You can even set Perkl-Light in - Machine Clearing Mode - to clear up its own energy patterns. This is useful, for example, after long-term use with chronically ill patients.

* Room Clearing - Perkl-Light can be used to clear rooms of undesirable energies and help you get a good night's sleep while traveling. Clear all the rooms in your new house or apartment (it's safer than burning Sage!)

* Practitioners - this is a great way to clear your treatment room between clients!


Perkl-Light was brought to us by the Loving power of the Universe and the inspiration of David A. Thomas

Programmed Modes

* Auyervedic

* Acupuncture Elemental

* Acupuncture Meridian

* Psycho-Spiritual

* Frequency Clearing

* Body System

* Organ

* Chakra

* Machine Clearing

* Manual Mode

* Pause / Display mode



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