Curatron 2000 PC Specifications

A combination of a professional Curatron 2000XP with a powerful software package for a Personal Computer forms the Curatron 2000PC system. This top of the line system offers a unique solution for a Comprehensive Clinical Therapy Center and allows for the highest possible energy output of up-to 100 milli Tesla (1000 Gauss) with a frequency range between 1 and 50 Hz.

This set-up for therapy centers and clinics is a modern, all-round, economic treatment solution with Frequency Modulated Pulsing ElectroMagnetic Fields. It offers all the benefits for optimal therapy, in a clinical setting.

The strengths of the applied pulsed electromagnetic fields, the unique Frequency Modulation and the fast speed of induction are non-comparable to any other clinical PEMF system and make the efficacy of the Curatron 2000 pulsed magnetic field therapy systems by far superior!

Features: includes the Curatron 2000 PC control unit and computer software. Customer must separately purchase a choice of one or more of - Local Therapy Pad or Full Body Mat. There is also the option for a High Energy Coil for intensive localized applications. There is also an optional Switch Box to easily select between the therapy mats.

*All therapy parameters are now under direct command and control of the PC program running under Windows XP.

*A user-friendly database for demographic patient data includes treatment follow up.

*Therapy setting can be selected from a database, which contains an extensive list of pre-programmed therapy protocols, for many health conditions.

*A dedicated therapy program for osteoporosis is available. Bone densitometry values and scores are used here for automatic calculation of optimal therapy parameters, for each patient.

*In addition to pre-programmed treatment protocols, all the therapy parameters can be set manually, according to the decision of the therapist and then run automatic.

*The therapist can very easily compile his own treatment protocols (and save it for future use) with complete freedom of choice out of any of the treatment parameters (frequencies and intensities) in any combination and in individual steps between 1-20 min. Thus created new treatment protocols, consisting of a series of these individual steps, form a complete new program, which runs in sequence completely automatic.

*High patient throughput, even in very demanding practices

*No special training for use of the system is required

* Note: personal computer is not included - Curatronic 2000 PC operates on Windows XP. No Macintosh version.

Technical Specifications Curatron 2000 PC

Max energy for optional local therapy pad - 20" x 28" 400 Gauss (40 milli-Tesla)
Full Body Mattress - 26” x 71” optional 150 Gauss (15 milli-Tesla)
Max energy for optional high energy coil (8" square) 700 Gauss (70 milli-Tesla)
Max energy for optional very high energy coil (8" square) 1000 Gauss (100 milli-Tesla)
Master programs 10 + 70
Program time for 10 programs 20 - 30 minutes
Frequency range 1 - 50 Hz.
User programmable master programs Yes
Patient database and Therapy protocols databases Yes
Minimum stage time for each parameter setting 1 minute
Maximum stage time for each parameter setting 20 minutes
Minimum total therapy time per session 1 minute
Maximum total therapy time per session Unlimited

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