Lightning Air

Ozone and Negative Ion Air Purifier

The LA-2SPX air purifier combines the disinfecting power of Ozone AND Negative Ions to clean the air in your home or office up to 3,500 sq. feet.  These air purifiers have a quiet running fan with adjustable dials for ozone and negative ion output. With recent global events, we can no longer take clean air quality for granted. Dozens of studies around the world have demonstrated the effectiveness of ionization and ozone to reduce airborne contaminants and toxins, volatile organic compounds, molds, fungi, virus & bacteria. Given today's toxic environment with all of the news headlines about the dangers of airborne organisms, an ionizer / ozonator combination unit is a must-have product for health protection!



Protect your family from the damaging effects of airborne organisms and pollutants

In the kitchen or bathroom it will oxidize bad odors and mold while killing the germs or bacteria on the counter top at the same time. They can also be used in the car or truck, bedrooms, or used in your office at work.  These combination Ozonators / Negative Ion Generators are effective in reducing environmental  Bacteria, viruses, fungus, chemical gases, formaldehyde, smoke particles, mold, mildew, pollen, bad cooking odors, pet smells, tobacco, paint fumes.

Lightning Air portable natural fresh air cleaner treatment systems are for normal indoor spaces such as business, home and offices. Compact and portable, the ozonator machines can easily be moved to different locations in homes, offices, apartments, motel rooms, dorm rooms and recreational vehicles. The LA2SPX is for normal indoor spaces up to 3,500 sq. feet, such as homes and offices. For larger commercial or heavily used areas, you can place several units in a larger area.  Separate control dials allow for independent adjustment of Ozone Output and Negative Air Ion setting.  Choice of wood cabinets in high quality, solid Oak, Walnut, or Cherrywood.  All cabinet selections may not be available at all times.

  • LA2SPX / 3,500 sq. feet coverage -
    Suggested Retail - $499.99. Our price - $449.00
  • Free shipping U.S. and Canada (Ups Ground)

What type of maintenance is required?

Maintenance of your new Lightning Air is simple and requires little effort. For cleaning the ceramic plate, simply turn the unit off and unplug it. From the back of the unit, firmly grasp and pull the plate out. Support plate in hand or on a firm surface. Using a tooth brush and either a grease cutting detergent or ammonia, scrub metal wires on plate until clean. Rinse in warm water and dry completely. Reinstall plate in direction of arrows. It's that simple. For the front grill or interior fan, use a small vacuum like the kind used in cleaning computer keyboards. One can also disperse dust build up with a blast of bottled, compressed air.

More Than A Simple Filtration system

The Lightning Air series of Air Purifiers are not traditional Air Filter Systems using a filter system that collects airborne dust that must be cleaned periodically.  Instead, Lightning Air uses powerful Negative Ion generation that imparts an electrical charge onto airborne contaminants and draws them together like a magnet. The dust and dirt, mold spores, pollen, allergens, etc. fall out of the air and away from your breathing space.  The Ozone generator emits an adjustable stream of O3 (Ozone) that disinfects and oxidizes virus, bacteria, mold, etc.

Complete Operating Instructions are included with purchase. Lifetime warranty on ceramic ozone plate.


Separate controls for ions & oxygen

Dual ion emitters

No filters to purchase or replace

Easy to remove ozone plates for cleaning

Internal stainless steel construction

Solid hardwood cabinets - Oak, Walnut or Cherry (based on availability)

Ozone Generation - single cold plasma dialectric plate generation

Ozone output may vary with level of humidity, temperature and other environmental factors. Output is regulated by a manual variable setting dial. Up to 390 mg/hr


120 volt, 60 hz, input

Ion Output - 11.3 Trillion ions per second

40 watts power consumption

12-15 kv ion generator power supply

120 cfm, 12 volt DC variable speed fan

Height: 12.5 in.
Width: 8.25 in.
Depth: 9.1 in.
Weight: 16 lbs.

Disclaimer: the Lightning Air Ozone and Negative Ion Air Purifiers are not medical devices.  They are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals. 
They are not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.




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